Hirafu-Hanazono Online Shop

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Take advantage of online discounts and save 7% on average when you purchase online, with access to a variety of different passes for all ages.

Online Convenience

With only a few taps or clicks, instantly purchase or recharge your lift pass from anywhere and at anytime even on the day you ski.

Beat the Queues

Enjoy faster access to the lift gates. Online lift passes allow you to skip lift pass counter queues, and get on the slopes fast.

Terms & Conditions

  • This online shop allows you to purchase Grand Hirafu + HANAZONO area passes.
    Please note that the Niseko United shuttle, Niseko Village resort area, and Niseko Annupuri resort area are not covered by these passes.
  • All purchases of online lift passes are non-refundable and non-replaceable.
    Please check the details and purchase method carefully before purchasing. Once payment has been made, changes, cancellations or refunds will not be made for any reason, including illness, injury, transportation delays or cancellations, purchase errors, weather conditions, etc.
    Please be aware of this in advance.
  • The lift pass card is yours to keep and can be recharged. There is no return or refund of cards.
  • You can recharge a key card purchased at the Niseko United Online Shop with a Grand Hirafu + HANAZONO lift pass.
    Please note that you are unable to sign in with account information registered in the Niseko United Online Shop.
    If you wish to recharge a lift pass purchased from the Niseko United Online Shop, please register a new account / lift pass user in the Hirafu-Hanazono Online Shop.
  • Only one type of lift pass can be purchased on the card.
    If you purchase more than one type of lift pass at the same time (including Grand Hirafu + HANAZONO), the card will not function correctly.
    Please commence using the first lift pass purchased before purchasing another.
  • Lift passes are non-transferable, and resale of cards is prohibited.
  • If lift passes are damaged or lost, reissuing of the keycard has a fee of 2,500 yen.
  • Passes for preschoolers are free and their passes are not available online. Please apply for their lift pass at a lift ticket counter on the day.
    Preschoolers must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when purchasing a lift ticket or boarding a lift.
  • Lift and gondola operations are subject to weather conditions and may be canceled without notice.
  • Should you have any questions or problems regarding the online lift pass purchase process, please contact the online shop support team:
    * Phone: +81 136 55 6068 (Open 9:00 – 17:00 Japan Local Time, Mon - Fri)
    * Email: hirafu-hanazono@roomboss.co.jp
  • For general questions about the resort and lift operations, please contact Niseko Grand Hirafu or Niseko HANAZONO resorts:

    * Phone: +81 136 22 0109
    * Email: info@grand-hirafu.jp

    Niseko HANAZONO Resort
    * Phone: +81 136 23 0103
    * Email: info@harmonyresorts.com

Rechargeable Cards

  • Cards purchased from the Hirafu-Hanazono Liftpass Online Shop
  • Cards purchased from the Niseko United Online Shop
  • Niseko United Lift Pass
  • Legacy Niseko Internet Lift Ticket cards
  • Niseko United Lift Pass

Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

  • Sales Business Operator
    Hirafu Hanazono Lift Pass
    (Coordinated by Niseko Tokyu Resort Co.,Ltd.)
  • General Manager
    Shigeru Hashimoto
  • Location
    204 Yamada Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido Japan
  • Contact Information
    Niseko Mt.Resort Grand HIRAFU
    * Phone: +81 136 22 0109
    * Email: info@grand-hirafu.jp
    (The customer is responsible for charges when contacting by telephone.)
  • Sales Price
    Shown on the product details page (includes tax).
  • Method of Payment
    We accept credit card.
  • Number of days in advance that reservations must be made
    From the date of purchase until the end of the season.
    (Depending on some products, the time of use may be limited. For details, please refer to the product detail page.)
  • Cancellations, Changes, Refunds, and Exchanges
    As a rule, we cannot accept returned goods once the purchase has been confirmed.
    When purchasing a product, please purchase after checking the contents of the selected product thoroughly.